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For many people, a car is a second home – and one they want equipped with technology that makes drives as safe and enjoyable as possible. This channel provides expert advice and reviews of the newest technology to enhance your drive time.

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About Auto Tech

About Our Auto Tech Coverage

Incorporating technology that makes your car safer is a large part of our coverage. Our expert reviewers pay close attention to products and features that enhance your comfort and safety. We include the best in GPS navigation, including in-dash and portable units, top rear-view cameras, and even the best radar detectors to help you keep your speed under control. Each product is evaluated not only for its core safety features but for attributes that are best for your specific needs, including ease of use and installation and quality of customer support. Further, we offer wide-ranging analysis of baby car seats to protect that most precious cargo.

We cover lots of auto entertainment gear, too. Whether you need a complete car audio system, great speakers or a booming subwoofer, your buying decision will be made easier by our objective evaluations of premier products. We even evaluate iPad mounts to keep the little ones entertained along your route.

Beyond personal safety, we’ve evaluated auto alarms to protect your vehicle against theft and car inverters to provide AC electricity when you're far from home. Regardless of your auto tech requirements, you'll find insightful purchase help here.

How We Create Reviews

Our staff of reviewers and editors, each with a specialized portfolio of products and services, researches the marketplace and assesses the best choices.
We focus on the needs of buyers by developing content that is unbiased, credible and thorough. The products and categories we include and recommend offer clear and valuable consumer benefits.
We’re committed to clarity and transparency about how we work and how we present information and advice.